MC3 DÉVELOPPEMENT is a consultancy firm specialized in investment search, strategic partnership and professional lobbying.

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Growth accelerator

MC3 DEVELOPMENT is a growth accelerator for companies seeking to increase their visibility, strengthen their market position and achieve their full potential.

We are proud to be able to help companies achieve their aspirations by offering them high-quality, tailor-made support.

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We offer high quality, tailor-made support to help companies achieve their growth objectives. The expertise of our consultants enables us to provide informed strategic guidance to help companies meet business challenges and seize investment opportunities.








MC3 DÉVELOPPEMENT means investment development and growth acceleration. We rely on a large network of partners from different disciplines, including bankers, business lawyers, investment funds and private investors, in order to be able to provide an adapted response to all types of requests, both in Morocco and internationally.

MC3 DÉVELOPPEMENT plays an essential role in accompanying investors to enable them to make sound decisions and find profitable and sustainable investment solutions. Our approach is to assist and advise our clients, but above all to provide them with accurate and up-to-date information on the market, so that they can carry out their projects successfully.


The development of a business is an important step to ensure the stability and growth of the business, and it can be due to internal or external factors. Before implementing the necessary actions, it is important to ask the right questions to determine the development potential of the business, such as financial capacity, business structure, competition, etc. It’s also important to set SMART goals to align teams, save time and money, and work around obstacles.

Finally, it is necessary to review the pillars of your project before cutting the objectives into stages to make them more concrete and define the needs of each stage. By anticipating the development of your business, you will be able to consolidate your strategy using proven project management methods and develop your business successfully.


The support of a company by us can be very relevant for several reasons.

First of all, an outside perspective can shed new light on the company’s issues and provide the necessary perspective for an objective analysis of the situation.

This analysis can make it possible to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company, as well as the areas for improvement to be favoured.

In addition, personalized support can help the company identify its strategic objectives and achieve them by implementing concrete actions adapted to its needs. It can also contribute to the implementation of new managerial practices or to the optimization of the company’s financial management, for example.

Finally, we can provide technical or sectoral expertise specific to the company, which can prove very useful in solving complex problems or in anticipating market developments.
In short, our support for a company can help optimize its performance, make better strategic decisions, strengthen its competitiveness and promote its long-term development.


Our vast network of professional partners allows us to connect companies to the right people and the right opportunities. We work closely with institutional investors, investment banks, venture capital firms and consulting firms to help companies raise funds and find strategic partners.


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CEO's word

Abderrazak MAAOUNI

Founder & CEO
At MC3 Development, we are devoted to assisting our clients in achieving their growth objectives. Leveraging our vast network and expertise, we offer our clients sound strategic advice and access to the right people and resources to enable them to increase their visibility, bolster their market position and reach their fullest potential, all while adhering to professional standards and applicable laws. Our commitment to providing top-notch, tailored service assures that our clients can attain their goals and exceed their expectations.


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